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Team Building

I know you have a great team. You wouldn't be here if you didn't. What if I could help them become even better?
How you say?
Igniting the creative brain helps individuals think out of the box.
Why does this matter you say?
Fortune 500 companies who invested in "Fun activities for their employees"  had a more than a $2 jump in productivity for every $1 spent on fun. "$ WOW $".
Sign your team up for class today to have more happy creative employees.

Private Parties

You have people you want to get together with right? Invite your Friends/Family/Neighbors/Special Groups to have a fun relax and create together.
Let's get your artsy-party scheduled today.

Who's a Certified Happiness Coach

Amy the owner of Good Vibes Art is a certified happiness coach. She has trained each and every employee in the mindful art of happiness. This means you and your guests will be guided in a positive relaxing artistic session every time. "There are no mistakes in art, only Happy Accidents" (By Unknown)

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